This site describes the Warwick Park Suffolks stud and provides an introduction to the Suffolk Punch draught horse. The Suffolk Punch, or Suffolk horse as it is sometimes referred to, is a magnificent and gentle working animal.

Suffolk Horse

There is a description of the Suffolk horse, its uses, breeding, history and its future. The activities of the Stud and other Suffolk studs and owners all over the world are described.

Suffolk Horse Societies

The Suffolk features in many agricultural and horses shows and there is diary of major events around the world. There are also references to the Suffolk Horse societies in the UK, Australasia and the USA, as well as Suffolk Punches in Pakistan.

See a Suffolk

Places where you can see a Suffolk horse


The Stud's collection of Suffolk photographs is available.


As with all heavy horses, successful breeding is vital to the breed's future, and available information on breeding is included. This includes a bibliography of horse breeding papers and publications.


Vital to the success of handling, breeding and working these big horses.

The Environment

Horse breeders and owners around the world must meet the environmental challenges that now exist, and there is a page on environmentally sustainable horse management.

Horse Harness & Equipment

Suffolk horses are used for many different purposes, from pulling carts and waggons to ploughing, harrowing, mowing, tree hauling and driving machinery. Some of these are described and illustrated, including some aspects of harness.

Books and Publications

There are references to some books and publications, including the Suffolk Horse Society's magazine, and the Heavy Horse World magazines.


Andrew Lucas visits shows and owners and there is a weblog describing these.